The PRECEPT PM monitor, developed by Additess LTD and the Cyprus Institute (CyI)  under the framework of the PRECEPT project (   is an autonomous instrument that can measure the size and number of all airborne particulate matter (PM) having size from 0.3 to more than 10 μm, with an accuracy that is comparable with other laboratory grade instruments at a fraction of their cost. The PRECEPT PM monitor comes equipped with a touch screen, a micro-computer and its own user friendly software, allowing for in-situ operation and real-time visualization of the measurements, while due to its networking capabilities it can be operated remotely, be part of an air quality network, or even incorporated together with other sensors in “smart and green” technological networks.  The PRECEPT PM monitor is compact and equipped with a battery, thus it can be employed as a portable personal monitor and be utilized for conducting air quality surveys for the recognition of pollution hot-spots. This video provides a short demonstration of its capabilities.